Blogmas Day 1: A Different Kind of Blogmas

Happy December! I’m back and looking forward to a month of all things cosy and Christmassy. I’ve been busy all day, organising everything that I’m donating from my huge house clearout (which I’ll be writing about soon), as well as spending my evening at the cinema watching The Holiday (one of my favourite Christmas films).

I’ve been looking forward to participating in Blogmas all year, but over the past few weeks there’s been a major shift in my life, and I feel as though my Blogmas posts should reflect that. So my Blogmas is going to be a little bit different. Instead of writing about Christmas themed things, I’m going to write about mental health, self-improvement, and getting ready to enter a new decade with a healthier mind, body, and soul (as cliche as that sounds).

Obviously, there’ll still be the odd Christmassy post (since it’s one of my favourite times of the year), but I feel as though sharing what I’m currently doing might be useful (even if it’s useful to only one person).

I hope you enjoy the posts I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks!

Annii xx

One thought on “Blogmas Day 1: A Different Kind of Blogmas

  1. I watch The Holiday every year, too. I love it.
    I think mental health is so important, especially around the winter time so I’m looking forward to reading what you write about in that regard. I definitely have to work extra harder on my mental wellness and I’m excited to hear from you.

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