Pupdate: Turning 3 months old

Ready for another pupdate? The boys are turning three months old tomorrow, and I really do not know where the past month has gone since we got them. I absolutely adore them and I already cannot imagine my life without them.

Barkley has become so outgoing and loves cuddles and attention. His favourite toy is a little black ball that makes sounds whenever he rolls it about. He’s growing so quickly – he’s almost double the size that he was when we first brought him home.

Chester is much quieter than Barkley, and a lot smaller than him too, but he’s way more mischievous than his brother. He looks like the sweetest thing on the planet (which he totally is) but he is a RASCAL. His favourite toy is his stuffed monkey with rope arms which my family have creatively named ‘monkey’. Monkey must be thrown around the living room at least once a day, according to Cheeb’s rules. That’s what we call Chester – Little Cheeb, or Chibi. I rarely actually call him Chester funnily enough.

They visited the pumpkin shop today, and went for a lovely country walk. I can’t wait to see them grow from little pups into big dogs, and I hope you’ll follow them along on their journey!

Annii xx

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