A Late Night

It’s almost midnight and I’m only just writing today’s blogtober post! I’m currently in the middle of dyeing my brother’s girlfriend’s hair, and desperately trying to get this post up before midnight!

I’ve been looking after the pups all day, and catching up on some required reading for my degree, plus dyeing my own hair, so I’m pretty exhausted right now. We’re taking the pups and Gibby the pug out for a mini photoshoot tomorrow, so expect plenty of cute new photos in the next pupdate!

This is the first blogtober I’ve ever taken part in, and for someone who isn’t brilliant at sticking to things, it’s been a real challenge to keep it up – but I’m determined to get one post up on this blog a day all the way through to Halloween!

Speaking of Halloween, who else is SO excited for the spooky season? I’m officially in the Halloween mood now, and I’ve been reading plenty of gothic lit to keep me going! This week I’ve read both Jane Eyre and Frankenstein, the latter of which I’ll be reviewing on here for the BelleHistoire bookclub in a couple of weeks. Female writers of the 1800s really were the coolest, weren’t they?

So that’s my little post for the day. I’m hoping to write a week’s worth of blog posts over the weekend so I’m not having to leave it ’til midnight to write since I’m so busy during the week, so wish me luck there!

TGIF, right?

Annii xx

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