Pupdate: Autumn Walks & Turning 11 Weeks Old

Barkley and Chester have settled in amazingly over the past three weeks, and it’s already impossible to think of a time when they weren’t part of the Trasler family! The boys turned 11 weeks old on Sunday. Can you believe it? I’m just making the most of the puppy era, because they’re just growing up so fast!

We took them on their first walk on the downs over the weekend, and they absolutely loved it. They ran through the grass with their uncle Gibby (my brother’s girlfriend’s pug) and played fetch across the hills. It was so wonderful to see them discover the big wide world for the first time. Am I getting too emotional over my puppies? Probably. But I don’t care. I’m obsessed with them.



They’ve been making friends with the local dogs, and they’ve been learning how to play fetch. It’s been a busy week for Barkley and Chester! I can’t wait to watch them grow and experience the adventures of many future walkies!

Annii xx

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