My Rainy Day Essentials

It’s that wonderful time of year in England when rain falls basically 24/7, and you know what? I absolutely love it! So, for blogtober I thought I’d share my rainy day essentials. These are the things that I definitely couldn’t live without when the rain and clouds set in!

A Warm Drink

Usually black coffee or chamomile tea, I genuinely cannot get through a rainy day without at least ten mugs of something warm to drink.

A Heavy Blanket

Rainy days at home for me mean bundling myself up in a thick and heavy blanket as I listen to the sounds of the rain against my window.

A Good Book

Is there anything better than escaping into fantastical fictional worlds while the wind howls against your window and the rain pours down? My favourite genre for this kind of reading is most definitely gothic lit, but I also love fantasy for escaping on a rainy day.

A Good Record to Listen To

Is it just me, or do vinyls sound better on a rainy day? And since we’re now most definitely in the season of constant rain, something tells me they’ll be sounding better than ever! Seriously though, listening to old records while the rain pitter-patters on the window is a wonderful way to make the most of a rainy day.

So those are my rainy day essentials! As long as I have the things on the list above, I’m happy for it to rain all day every day!

Do you love rainy days too?

Annii xx


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