October Playlist

When it comes to Autumn, one of my essentials for each month is a playlist. I tend to base each month’s playlist on how I’m feeling at the time, or on the vibe I associate with that particular month.

Autumn breaks my heart in the best way each year. The cooler weather and pouring rain give me a yearning feeling that I never quite understand, but I can only compare it to the feeling of unrequited love. I fall in love with a season that inevitably leaves all too soon, and that’s the feeling I’m hoping I’ve captured within these songs.

When I think of October, I think of swelling instrumentals and cosy folky songs. I also think of slightly darker songs such as the ones that feature towards the end of this playlist. This playlist for me encapsulates October at its finest for me: cosy and heartbreaking in the greatest way possible. I hope you find that within this playlist, and I hope you find some new favourite songs or rediscover some old favourites.

The playlist is below. I hope you like it.

Annii xx


october playlist.PNG

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