My Cosy Autumn Morning Routine

As much as I love the Autumn, sometimes the cold and grey mornings aren’t the best start to the day. But I love to make the most of this time by making my mornings as relaxing and cosy as possible.

I usually wake up around 6 or 7am. The first thing I do is pop the fire on, since my house is COLD this time of year. I then venture downstairs to make a huge hot cup of black coffee and a hot water bottle (remember what I said about my house being cold?), before returning back to the comfort of my sofa and wrapping myself up in a duvet.

I usually pop the telly on in the mornings while I drink my coffee and go through my list of to-dos for the day. I’ve just started watching Gilmore Girls, so that’s currently my go-to in the mornings while I prep for the day ahead. It’s the perfect show for cosy autumn mornings, and it puts me in a great mood! Anyone else feel like they relate to Rory a little too much?

While watching tv, I usually grab a notebook and plan out the rest of my day. I’m studying with the Open University, so I’ll go over what I have to study that day, as well as what I have to do for my blog.

Usually by now I’m getting hungry, so I’ll head back downstairs and make breakfast. Breakfast is usually yoghurt or some cereal (or some chocolate, let’s be honest – I had chocolate cake for breakfast today). I usually follow this with more coffee or a herbal tea.

And that’s my morning routine! See you tomorrow for day six of blogtober!

Annii xx

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