A Weekend in London: Christmas in Autumn

Towering Christmas trees dusted with snow stood upon the stage, shining in the light. A cosy atmosphere set in as a choir of carol singers appeared, welcoming in the Christmas season. But wait, it’s October, I hear you say. I know, but on Saturday night at the London Palladium, the Christmas spirit was alive and well at the taping of Jack Whitehall’s Christmas special.

I was lucky enough to receive free tickets to the taping and, never one to pass up an opportunity to both laugh and celebrate Christmas early, I made my way up to London on the Friday evening, ready for the next day.

London in the Autumn is one of my all-time favourite things, as is London in the rain. Luckily for me, as I made my way through St. James’ park that Saturday morning, there was rain aplenty. The trees were filled with amber leaves, and the scene around me was so beautiful that I had to pause for a moment just to take it in.

I’m originally from London, and am constantly back there, but I’m still in awe of its beauty after all this time. Especially in Autumn.

After stopping for a late lunch in Soho after a long day of window shopping and coffees, I headed to the theatre to watch the taping. I took my mum as my plus one, since she has recently become a big fan of Jack Whitehall and his dad from their Netflix show ‘Travels With My Father”. Jack’s been one of my favourite comedians for almost a decade, so it was a real treat to attend the taping of his Christmas special.

I was seated a row behind about fifteen members of the cast of Made in Chelsea, who filled an entire row and, after an hour or so of preparations, the filming began.

I’m not going to give anything away in this post about the special, but I’ll say this: I did not stop laughing the entire time, in fact, my face hurt afterwards from laughing so much… and the musical number at the end will be stuck in your head for days.

It poured with rain as I walked back to Victoria Station, but I didn’t mind. The streets shone and the night sky was illuminated from the lights, and I had just had one of the funniest and best nights of my life.

See you tomorrow for day three of blogtober!

Annii xx

4 thoughts on “A Weekend in London: Christmas in Autumn

  1. You’re right about London in Autumn – very pretty when i’s not chucking it down, I’ll also have to check out the Christmas special – I love a good laugh!

    Check out my blog if you have the chance for constant updates on lot’s of things to do around London, great spots to eat and more – do let me know what you think! (https://chanspeaksuk.com/)

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