A Week In Rome Part One

Hi everyone! I’m currently curled up under my duvet in my PJs, catching up on the Great British Bake Off. I travelled home from Italy yesterday and, thanks to England’s fabulous train service, it took me TEN HOURS to get home. You can probably imagine how tired I am right now. So here I am, curled up with my tabby River, ready to write about my wonderful week.

I actually stayed just outside of Rome, in a tiny little place called Acilia. It was absolutely gorgeous there, although I didn’t spend that much time where I was staying as I was too busy exploring. This was my third time back to Italy within the last four years, but my first time further south. Although I did end each day with a huge cone of gelato which, trust me, I’m considering carrying on as a tradition in my everyday life. My diet seemed to consist entirely of pizza, pasta, gelato, and cheesecake the whole time I was there, but I am NOT complaining. When in Rome, right?!


On my first day in Rome, I decided to start my trip off with an open-air bus tour of the city. I figured this would be a good way to acquaint myself with the layout of the city, and I’m honestly so glad I did it. I pre-booked my tour before I left using https://city-sightseeing.com/, and I highly recommend doing the same thing the next time you head to any unfamiliar city. You get a detailed history of your surroundings, plus you get an idea of how far apart each location is. The tour is also ‘hop on/hop off’, which means it’s a super efficient way of seeing all the sights. City Sightseeing tours are also super reliable, and the staff are always extremely helpful. (This isn’t an ad by the way. I use their bus tours in every city I visit and I love them!)


I got off the bus across the river from the Vatican, and promptly decided it was time to eat. Duh. So I headed to a little restaurant tucked away down a side street. It was dark and gorgeous, with a grand piano in one corner. I ate my bodyweight in bruschetta (one of my weaknesses), while my family shared a large platter of antipasti. If you’re veggie like me, you probably know the struggle of eating in mainland Europe, but I found most restaurants seemed to have vegetarian options. Some even had vegan options which is amazing! It’s gradually becoming easier to be veggie in Europe, which is so awesome!

After venturing around St Peters Square, I headed to the Trevi Fountain. I wish I’d started my day off with this, as by the time I got there it was extremely busy. Definitely avoid visiting mid-afternoon. Despite the crowds, it was absolutely stunning to see. The Trevi fountain has been on my travel bucket list for so long, so it was amazing to finally check it off.

I ended my afternoon with a venture around the Pantheon, before heading to the Spanish steps… but you can read all about that in part two!

Annii xx

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