Shopping Locally and Sustainably at Farm Shops (and why you should too)

My favourite way to shop locally and sustainably? FARM SHOPS.

I LOVE farm shops. I’m lucky enough to live in an area where there are dozens of them more or less on my doorstep. I’m able to buy all of my favourite healthy foods with zero plastic, (most of the time) zero packaging, and at a higher level of quality.

Now, believe me when I say that I am on a TIGHT budget. I feel that there’s a widespread belief that shopping locally and sustainably is expensive, but I find that if you find the right local farm shop for your needs, your groceries often cost less overall than if you had bought them at a supermarket. This may take you a while to figure out, especially if you live in a more urban area, but it’s definitely worth it.

Obviously, I don’t shop at farm shops exclusively (there’s a lot of foods and products that I can’t find in my local shops) but even if I just buy my fruits and veggies there, I feel better knowing that I’m supporting small businesses and not creating extra waste.

Shopping at local shops such as farm shops allows you to support businesses that are usually family run, as well as allowing you to shop in a more sustainable manner, which is increasingly important as our planet continues to suffer the effects of our waste.

I made a little vlog visiting my two favourite local farm shops which I’ll link HERE which I hope you’ll check out (the vlog has a little more detail than this post)!

Support your local farm shops!

Annii xx





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