50 Facts About Me

Hello hello hello! I’ve been gone for quite a while (thanks uni) but now I’m back and ready to blog! I’ve had a wonderful week away visiting my family, and I’m currently happily tired and tucked up in bed at 8pm! (Five hours of travelling will do that to you!)

I absolutely love reading other bloggers’ facts about themselves (it’s fun to be nosey sometimes, right?). So I thought I’d have a go at it myself!


  1. I was born in Westminster, London.

2. My favourite foods are pasta, pizza, peaches, and chocolate.

3. I love Buddy Holly, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, Elvis Presley, Glenn Miller, The Beatles, and Carole King – Yes, I’m basically your grandmother. (I’m planning on writing a blog post about all of  my favourite music as it’s such a huge part of my life = watch this space!)

4. My happy place is Verona, Italy.

5. I’m a Marvel superfan, and my favourite superhero is Spider-man (Although Captain America is a very close second).

6. I can speak/understand basic French, Italian, and a little bit of Spanish.

7. My goal is to become fluent in all of those languages by the age of 30.

8. I’ve dyed my hair basically every colour there is.

9. My heritage is made up of British, French, Romani (which originates from Northern India I think), Italian, Spanish, Jewish, and Portuguese ancestry (that I know of).

10. I spend way too much time tracing my family tree.

11. I have two cats who are named after River Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio.

12. I’m really bad at thinking of 50 facts about myself.

13. My favourite season is Autumn.

14. I’m unapologetically a hardcore Swiftie. I saw Taylor live last year and it was one of the best days of my life.

15. I’m a little bit obsessed with The Godfather, and Al Pacino is one of my favourite actors.

16. I’ve also had a lifelong obsession with the Olsen twins. I. LOVE. THEM.

17. My favourite artist is Van Gogh, but my favourite contemporary artist is Helene Delmaire.

18. I could talk about art for hours (I studied art history for a large part of the first year of my degree).

19. Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, and Jane Austen are my literary faves

20. Although, my favourite book is Wuthering Heights, and I adore Emily Bronte.

21. The Mamma Mia films will always be my go-to pick-me-up movies on a bad day! Abba in general just cheers me up!

22. I love sixties girl groups

23. I’m also a huge musical theatre nerd (I will cry if I talk too much about Les Mis, okay?)

24. I drink a ridiculous amount of herbal tea

25. I felt like listening to Les Mis after writing 23, so I put on the French concept album and now I’m crying.

26. I hate having my nails painted – it just chips off when I play any instruments.

27. I want to live in Paris for at least three months at some point in my life. I love it there.

28. I get told that I look like Emma Roberts quite a lot. I really don’t see it.

29. I love true crime documentaries.

30. I’m also obsessed with Law and Order: SVU (like, TOO obsessed – my ring tone is the DUN DUN).

31. I’m currently studying for a degree in Literature and Creative Writing

32. My biggest goal is to work as a film director and screenwriter

33. I have hazel eyes.

34. I unironically love Twilight. Judge me all you like.

35. Baz Luhrmann’s films are what made me fall in love with film, and Moulin Rouge makes me feel something that no other film ever has.

36. I love history. I will watch any history documentary – no matter what it’s about.

37. I love anything vintage.

38. London’s South Bank is my go-to place when I need to feel relaxed and happy.

39. My family is the most important thing in the world to me.

40. I love the veggie gyoza from Yo! Sushi – I could literally eat it for every meal.

41. I love all animals, but I especially love big cats. I would live at my local tiger & lion sanctuary if I could.

42. I’m so tired right now that I’m struggling to think of any more facts.

43. The last film to properly make me cry was Beautiful Boy. Timothee Chalamet was SNUBBED by the academy.

44. My guilty pleasure is Eastenders. I love it, and I never miss an episode.

45. Little kids always seem to love me, and I get called Maria Von Trapp and Mary Poppins quite a lot (lol).

46. I love to cook and bake.

47. My life goal is to visit as many countries as possible.

48. I love Christmas.

49. I have a small collection of avocado print socks for some reason.

50. I’m going to bed the moment I post this – I’m so tired!


Have a good night everyone!





One thought on “50 Facts About Me

  1. I am a musical theatre fanatic, who is obsessed with Les Mis. After loving it for six years, I still am emotional wreck.

    I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Glad to live in Charlotte because it is a major touring city.

    My favorite season is Winter.

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